Artist Bio

Portrait of Canadian Artist Nathalie Van sitting in front of a grey seascape holding a paint brush to illustrate her Artist Bio
Canadian Artist Nathalie Van Holding Paint Brush Photographed by Lisa Kelly of thesaltandlightstudio

Artist Bio of Canadian Artist Nathalie Van

Ever since I was a young girl growing up in Switzerland, I found joy in the sweet fragrance of spring cherry blossoms. I was blessed to have three of the beautiful and majestic cherry blossom trees growing beneath my bedroom window. Every spring the blossoms were so amazing and pure, perfuming the air and lulling me to sleep at night.

In the summer I played under those trees, not a care in the world. In the fall my grandfather gave me a little basket to tie around my waist.  I was allowed to help pick the sweet cherries right from the trees.  Later I helped my mom and Omi pick through them.  Only the most beautiful cherries were put in the baskets for sale and we ate as many as we could of all the others 🙂

One gray winter I learned that I had to leave my beloved Switzerland and our family would be moving to Canada. Being driven away from the happy little farm I had known all my life was so hard. The last thing I saw were the empty stark cherry blossom branches, and my dear Omi that I had hugged goodbye.

Many years have now passed but the memories are still so fresh. I am trying to capture the innocence and purity of those beautiful spring blossoms and the joy of innocent childhood in my paintings. Oh to be free, running through the hills and picking flowers, wild strawberries and cherries again! Sitting by the little creek and feeling the warm sun on your face and the cool water on your feet.

With my paintings I try to capture that feeling of being loved, safe and peaceful. I love the way colors can evoke emotions and passions.  My dear husband is Chinese and I’m sure you see some of the Asian influence on my art as well.

I now spend my days painting, and creating happy new memories with my family and friends. It is so exciting to unwrap a blank canvas and to visualize all the possible creations that could be.  I am grateful for every one of my dear customers!  You help support my dream of being and artist and of creating beauty every day.