Welcome to oneofakindmosaics, the personal website of artist Nathalie Van.  My paintings are often described as calming, emotional, simple and elegant, passionate.  With my paintings I try to bring joy to the viewer and my aim is to capture beautiful moments or feelings onto my canvas.  My favorite color is red as you can see in many of my pieces :)  I use acrylic paint in my work and paint stretched canvases so all paintings are ready to hang (the outside edges are finished in black).  I picked the name oneofakindmosaics because over my lifetime I am creating a huge one of a kind mosaic with all my artwork as a whole in a beautiful range of colors and textures and sizes.


With over 2900 sold paintings, I have sold to almost every part of the world in the past 14 years.  I love creating new paintings as often as I can and you can find me in my studio creating on an almost daily basis.  A few years ago my art was chosen to be used extensively in the set of a new series by CBC called Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays which aired in the fall of 2011.  My artwork was reviewed by the popular TV Chef Martin Yan who wrote ".. you are truly talented, a master of your craft."  Coming from such an amazing culinary expert, this is a great complement indeed.


One of the most popular requests made of me is a personal consultation as to which one of my paintings would fit best into a certain space.   Many customers email images of their home and get immediate help in visualizing different art pieces in their homes with this customized service.  This service is provided free along with the purchase of an art piece.  Currently there is a 1-2 week waiting list to have a custom painting created for you.  I love pulling together different elements such as accent colors in the space, your style of furniture and any other considerations you may have to create the perfect piece for your home. Please view my gallery to see some of the custom paintings I have created for my customers through the years.